The Office of the Director General provides direction to all departments; ensures the daily management of the Institute; serves as legal representative of the Institute; prepares the Board meetings; implements the decisions of the Board of Directors; prepares and submits to the Board of Directors the annual budget proposal of the Institute; manages external relations with MINECOFIN and all Govt. of Rwanda institutions; manages relations with International agencies, East African Community (EAC) statistical offices; and overall coordination of National Strategy for the Development of Statistics (NSDS) activities and coordination of the National Statistical System (NSS). 

To accomplish its mission, the Office of the Director General is assisted by three other offices:

The following list of staff are under the Office of the Director General:

  • Administration Assistant (1)
  • Planning Officer (2)
  • Public Relation & Communication Officer (1)
  • Internal Auditor (1)
  • Legal Advisor (1)
  • Liaison Administrative Assistant (1)

Director General (DG):

Director General