The National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda (NISR) is committed to disseminate the official statistical data whether the one publicized by the Institute or the data bearing its visa[1] (LAW N°53bis/2013 OF 28/06/2013: Chapter 2, Article 3, No. 5); and to encourage the public to participate in statistical activities and learn how to use the census and surveys results (LAW N°53bis/2013 OF 28/06/2013 : Chapter 2, Article 3, No. 8), among others.

Hence, promoting widespread dissemination, use and sharing, data and analysis from the NISR is released under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license. Accordingly, data and analysis from the NISR can be copied, distributed, transmitted and freely adapted, even for commercial purposes, provided that their integrity is respected and the source - “National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda” - is acknowledged appropriately.

Please note however, that some content may be subject to different licensing conditions, which will then be embedded in the content and supersede the Creative Commons licensing conditions.

Data provided on the Internet are free, while some products such as, printed maps on paper, are provided at a charge (NISR Service Charter, Page 15, Type of service 7: Mapping - in order to cover production costs.

Images, logos (including NISR logo), trademarks and other content owned by third parties, belong to their respective owners and cannot be reproduced without their consent.

No permission is necessary to hyperlink to pages on NISR website/s.

These Terms of Use may be changed at any time without notice.

[1] Written authorization delivered, upon request, by the National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda to any person undertaking a statistical survey, attesting that the survey respects the requirements, either at the level of its organization or at the level of publication of data that have come out of it. For more information on the visa, please refer to the visa manual of NISR.