31 March 2014

Women account for majority of Rwandan Population

Rwandan population is composed of mostly women, according to the provisional results of the recently conducted General Population and Housing Census.

The survey which was based on 2012 figures shows that women make up 51.8 percent of Rwandan 10.5 million inhabitants while males account for 48.2 percent.

It is said that the average annual population growth rate of Rwanda (2.6%) is among the highest in Central and East Africa where by the the country's population density has increased from 321 in 2002 to 416 people per square kilometre in 2012 at national level.

In addition to the higher number of women, the sex ratio of the province is about 93 males per 100 females in general.

However, Census provisonal results published show that there are more males than females in all districts of Kigali City while the highest population density is in the Northern Province with 528 persons per sq.km.

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