January 2014

RPHC4 Final Report: Publication Tables

The present Publication Tables constitutes the Final results of the 2012 Census, and are intended to provide, in tabulation form, the most important information needed as a basis for programmes of economic and social development and to be used for research purposes.

The major goal of these Publications tables is to provide a set of tabulations that need to be produced at the lowest geographic level pertaining to the same point in time, so that the country is able to meet its needs for evidence-based socio-economic development planning and monitoring.

As recommended by UN, this publication contains three types of tables: (1) basic/essentials tabulations, (2) recommended tabulations and (3) additional tabulations.

(1) Basic/essential tabulations - These are tabulations that are deemed of top priority for production by the country, in terms of providing minimum statistics to meet their basic data needs.

(2) Recommended tabulations – Recommended tabulations are those that are considered adequate for meeting the essential data needs for evidence-based planning, monitoring and implementation of national policies because of their perceived relevance at both the national and the international levels.

(3) Additional tabulations – The optimum set of tabulations includes the basic/essential and the recommended tabulations discussed above, as well as additional tabulations, and is designed to meet the needs of most of the users at the national and the international levels.


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