October 2015

Formal External Trade in Goods Statistics report (Q2, 2015)

Official formal trade in goods data reveal that in the second quarter of 2015, Rwanda’s total trade of  US$ 614.88 million, higher by 3 percent over the second quarter of 2014 was made up of exports worth of US$ 94.82 million, imports worth of US$ 470.60 million and re-exports valued at US$ 49.46 million.
The trade deficit for the second quarter of 2015 worked out to US$ 326.32 million, 10% higher than the deficit of US$ 297.72 million for the corresponding quarter of 2014. Compared to the previous quarter of 2015, the deficit was higher by 11 % (US$ 292.84 million of deficit in the first Quarter of 201

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