December 3, 2020

Demographic and Health Survey 2019/2020 - Key Indicators

The primary objective of the 2019-20 Rwanda Demographic and Health Survey (RDHS) is to provide up-to-date estimates of basic demographic and health indicators. 

Specifically, the 2019-20 RDHS collected information on fertility, awareness and use of family planning methods, breastfeeding practices, nutritional status of women and children, maternal and child health, adult and childhood mortality, women’s empowerment, domestic violence, awareness and behavior regarding HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and other health-related issues such as smoking. It also tested for the prevalence of anemia, malaria, HIV, and selected micronutrient indicators. 

The information collected through the 2019-20 RDHS is intended to assist policymakers and program managers in designing and evaluating programs and strategies for improving the health of the country’s population. The 2019-20 RDHS also provides indicators relevant to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for Rwanda. 



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