September 2023

Population Census Atlas

The Government of Rwanda through NISR conducted the 5th Rwanda Population and Housing Census (RPHC-5) from 16-30 August ,2022.

The 2022 RPHC is the most important project for the NSDS3 and was in line with National development efforts to develop official statistics and a dynamic evidence based for policy decisions. The Census results provide updated demographic, social and economic indicators for policy formulation and planning to support the national development agenda. Results of the 2022 Rwanda Population and Housing Census provide population, as well as demographic and socio-economic indicators at both national and sub-national levels.

After the dissemination of preliminary main Indicators in February 2023, NISR is pleased to publish the detailed thematic reports of the 2022 Rwanda Population and Housing Census.

The Census Geo-Demographic Atlas is a geographical publication or digital resource that presents demographic and population data in a visual and spatial format.  The publication includes a wide range of maps, charts, and graphs that provide insights into the distribution, composition, and trends of a population.  The Census Geo-Demographic Atlas is a web application organized into 10 different themes: Administrative Structure, Physical Characteristics, Population Size, Structure and Spatial Distribution, Household and Housing, Education, Social-cultural characteristics of the population, Non-Monetary poverty, Migration, Subpopulation and Agriculture.

For more Information, visit the following link: Population Census Atlas

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