Population and Housing Census
August, 2002
The third General Census of Population and Housing was held in Rwanda in August 2002 with the view to meeting three main objectives:

- To improve on the knowledge on the socio-demographic characteristics of the inhabitants of this country in order to ensure a more rigorous integration of the
"population" variable into social and economic plans and programmers;
- To update the statistical database on population, especially after the traumatic incidents of the early 1990s which had far reaching effects on the status and
evolution of this population, in other words, on the size, structure and spatial distribution of this population on the one hand, and on its internal dynamics
resulting from the interplay of fertility and mortality levels and migratory flows;
- To create a geo-demographic database and to update the national
- Sampling frame which shall enhance the conduct of subsequent population datasources.

Microdata for General Population and Housing Census (2002)



Synthesis of the analyses of the 2002 Census of Rwanda

The main objective of this 3rd census was to gather up-to-date and reliable data that could be immediately utilisable for the reconstruction of the country and for the more consistent planning towards a sustainable socio-economic development of the country.

Third Rwanda General Census of Population and Housing - 2002 (Legal Basis)

The general population and housing census was instituted by presidential decree 43/01 of 26 December 1999, as amended by presidential decree 28/01 of 10 November 2000. All natural and legal persons are required to take part in the census, to cooperate with the census taker, and to supply accurate answers to the questions contained in the census questionnaire.



Third General Census of Population and Housing of Rwanda (Final Results: Statistical Tables)

This is a compilation of final results of the General Population and Housing Census conducted in August 2002.


General Census of Population and Housing (Report on the Preliminary Results)

This is the Preliminary report of the General Census of Population and Housing held in August 2002, which was the third in Rwanda, after those of 1978 and 1991.