10 November 2013

Rwanda's inflation rises to 5.10 pc in September 2013

Rwanda's overall inflation rate rose high of 5.10 percent in September from 4.04 percent in the previous month due to increases in  Food,  non-alcoholic beverages and Education.

It is noted that the increase of 3.25 in prices of Food and non alcoholic beverages is primary attributable to the increase of 6.26 of vegetables.

The prices of the fresh products had a positive annual change of 13.59 between September 2013 and September 2012.

The underlying inflation rate (excluding fresh food and energy) decreased by 0.03% if compared to the previous month and increased by 3.32% on annual change. The annual average underlying inflation rate is + 3.8 % in September 2013 up from the previous month 3.7 %. 

Last month, food prices and non alcoholic beverages rose 4.90 year on year, while prices of vegetables were up 9.56.

By : Oscar Sibomana & Liliose Nyandwi

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