03 April 2014

Rwanda's economy grew 3.9 pct in Q3, 2013

Rwanda's gross domestic product (GDP) in real terms was estimated to have increased by 3.9 percent between the third quarter of 2012 and the third quarter of 2013.

The main component of GDP  are Agriculture, Industry and Service.The “Agriculture sector” grew by 1 percent and contributed 0.4 percentage points to the overall GDP growth;  Activities  in  the “industry sector” grew by 8 percent and contributed 1.2 percentage points to the GDP growth; “Service  sector” increased  by 5 percent  and  contributed 2.2 percentage points to the GDP growth.

The total consumption expenditure by the government was 15 percent of the GDP against 81 percent by the private during the same period.

In the third quarter of 2013, GDP at current prices was estimated to be Rwf 1,244 billion, up from Rwf 1,143 billion in the third quarter of 2012.
By: Baba Ali Mwango

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