15 January 2014

Food and beverages prices drive up Rwanda producer prices

The input and output prices of Rwanda's producers both rose in the third quarter to the end of September 2013 on the back of rising food,beverages and tobacco products.
This increase is mostly attributable to the effect of price changes by 25.47 percent in processing and preserving of fruits and vegetables and 3.24 percent price increase in bakery products, pastry and biscuits manufacture.
During the third quarter 2013, prices received by producers, as measured by the output producers price index (PPI), rose 258 percent in the September 2013 quarter while manufacturing exports registeredan increase of 1.91 percent  compared to the index of the previous quarter.
In the year to the September quarter, the output PPI was up 2.39 percent, although prices fetched for tea exports registered a monthly increase of 4.33 and 0.05percent in July and August respectively, and a decrease of 4.18 in September.

By: Modeste Mudenge

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