15 June 2015

Rwanda’s total trade reached up US$ 572.38 million in Q1, 2015

In the first quarter of 2015, Rwanda’s total trade reached up US$ 572.38 million. This is 0.13% higher than the same quarter in 2014.

In addition, official data show that imports decreased by 1.75% over the same quarter of 2014 and exports increased by 10.22% when comparing to the same quarter of 2014.

The total value of Exports is US$ 101.90 million, the total value of Imports is US$ 432.61 million while the total value of re-exports is US$ 37.87 million.

The trade deficit for the first quarter of 2015 worked out to US $ 292.75 million, which is 5% smaller than the deficit of the first quarter of 2014 (US $ 309.06 million) but 16 % higher than the fourth quarter of 2014 (US$ 253.11 million)

By : Emile Nshimiyimana

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