FinScope Survey
May, 2008 to June, 2008
Rwanda has adopted a Financial Sector Development Program (FSDP) in order “to develop a stable and sound financial sector that is sufficiently deep and broad, capable of efficiently mobilizing and allocating resources to address the development needs of the economy and reduce poverty”. The FSDP has been made one of the key components in the Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy 2008-2012 of Rwanda and has four core objectives:

■ To enhance access and affordability of financial services;
■ To enhance savings mobilization;
■ To develop appropriate policy, legal and regulatory framework for non-bank financial institutions; as well as
■ To organise and modernise the national payment system.


FinScope Survey Report (2008)

FinScope Rwanda 2008 not only enables the assessment of the current landscape of financial access in Rwanda,but also provides a benchmark for repeat surveys that will enable the impact of new access related policy interventions to be assessed.